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Frequently Asked Question

1. What Software and APP used for system?

CMS Software (computer including Mac) and XMeye APP(Android and Appstore)

2. What power adapter optional?

UK / US/ AU / EU standard optional

3. Which system available?

PAL / NTSC Analog system / AHD system / IP system / CVI system / TVI system

4. What is the lead time?

Sample: 3-7 business days; Normal order: 7-15 business days; Quantity order: 15-30 business days

5. How about the warranty?

Two years after shipped out. With warranty period, contact sales for detail help. Being our agent can get lifelong warranty

6. How about the certification?

CE / FCC / Rohs / ISO

7. Can we view the camera from my phone or tablet?

All of our systems from us support, however this is also depending on your internet connection / router location. We will always install so that remote viewing is enabled by default.

8. Does the camera light up during night?

If your camera has infrared, yes. There will be a small row of infrared lights that cast light that’s invisible to the human eye. Without this, your camera wouldn’t be able to see in the dark.

9. Can I set these cameras up where they will email or text me a video clip of any activity that's picked up?

Yes, you can receive email or text notification.

10. Can all lenses available fit on all professional cameras?

That depends on the housing and the lens range. Please contact our sales for confirmation.

11. What is a built-in Automatic Day/Night switch?

The built-in automatic Day/Night switch is a sensor, which automatically turn the IR illuminator or white light ON in low light (Night) and turn it OFF in daytime.

12. Does a Day/Night camera work in pitch dark?

Simple rule: NO LIGHT = NO IMAGE. Even the most advanced and sophisticated Day/Night cameras will not function in pitch dark, or even in very dark conditions.

13. Can I back up my footage via USB?

The CCTV People DVR’s have the function to transfer saved footage from the hard disc drive to a USB flash Disc storage device.

14. I don’t want to record all day long at my home, just if someone approaches, is that possible?

Yes, we can set-up your system to be motion activated, this way only when someone is in range of your cameras your system will record.

15. What can be done about dynamic IP?

Please see NO for more information on using a DDNS it’s free and you won’t have to worry about remembering your IP address anymore, and it works with a constantly changing IP address, very cool!

16. Are there really differences between cameras and lenses?

There are significant differences and choices among cameras and lenses. Camera and lens selection is dependent upon your requirements. Indoor or outdoor, day or night, area to be viewed, environmental conditions, etc.

17. Can I use my existing cameras?

Please note that our models are with CMS software. If you model also with this, it may work together. Also, resolution matters.

18. How many frames does it take to give a real motion look?

Industry standards typically speak of 30 frames per second as real motion video. Think of frames per second in terms of how a cartoon is made with cells or even think of the projector in a movie theatre where multiple frames pass in front of the lamp to give the appearance of “real motion”.

19. What are real-time images?

Real time images are those images that are being transmitted as they happen, not to be confused with real motion. Unfortunately, the words real time and real motion are used synonymously within the industry. Just because something is real-time does not mean it is real motion. However that being said our New H.264 Next Gen DVRs (PC based or Embedded unit) can produce amazing quality “LIVE” video over low bandwidth.

21. What is resolution?

Resolution refers to the number of individual dots of color, known as pixels, contained on a display.

22. What is video compression?

H.264 for normal Camera and NVR; IP system with 3.0MP/4.0MP/5.0MP will be with H.265

23. Do your systems connect with door, window, light, power, siren, motion detector or any other device?

These sensors supportable connect via WIFI with our WIFI smart home camera.

24. With your system, how many cameras can you view, and from how many locations on a single screen?

H.264 PC Based / embedded systems come with All-in-one multi-site software package to control over 65,000 channels of video from a single Client software platform, our Concert Software. In single user mode you can view 1-4-8-16-32 cameras at one time. If you need something larger we have a NVMP – Network Video Management Platform which will allow you to connect an unlimited number of CCTV security cameras, user etc.

25. Do I need professional CCTV installers to install my system, who would I call?

A local electrician can help you with this or may know of CCTV installers in your area, but for the most part you will not need one. With the electricians help, instruction manuals, and our help, you will be able to install any system.

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